1/9/2023: I have brain rot

goddamn its been a minute since i have been on neocities- i've done a lot of shit, like not drawing part 2. I've been distracted, OK, and trying to stay off the interwebs enough to feel sane, which is a strategy that has had some success. I literally have nothing left to post rants on, which is why i'm doing it on here.

I don't actually think that painting warhammer 40k miniatures i got on ebay is a better use of my time than being on twitter (ive also bee playing a ton of dwarf fortress which rules), but it's been an easier more soothing experience on my flesh-computer. My sentiment around the free-speech, information superhighway experiment has been pretty negative over the last year- i don't think it's working at all, atleast not for me. Getting angry at shit i see on my phone used to be fun- now it just makes me sad.

I'm thinking about overhauling this site totally so that i can use it for stuff other than comics, maybe post some hobby shit, even though i want to draw the rest of that story at some point. I like the version of the internet where the only people who see my shit are wandering internet vagabonds who happen upon it by chance, and the friends I show it to.

anyways if you're reading this, delete all your social media and start a blog, then link it to me. - your friend, a cyberspace fuckhead

7/13/2022: Dark Hours Part 1

I've been kicking around the idea of doing another multi-part story. I've had this first page planned out for a while but I've had no idea what the rest of the story would be.

I didn't want to start drawing until i figured out the whole story- and I think i have- but god knows when i'll get around to drawing it. I'll write to you again when I have.

3/6/2022: The Batman

I honestly don't know what makes a superhero movie good or bad anymore-- as many people much more qualified than I have observed, it has become it's own genre, a different type of product altogether that is much easier to sell to the drooling masses. 'The Batman' is most certainly a superhero movie, have no doubts about that. But it also remembers that it is indeed a 'motion picture', a medium in which an idea and story can actually be expressed.

In terms of cinematography, this is easily the best batman movie to date. Which also probably makes it visually the best superhero movie to date as well. In terms of sound, maybe the best as well. In terms of story, pretty great as well, although I felt the three hour run-time towards the end. The performances give all the best versions of these characters taken to the screen, and that includes robert pattinson's angsty brooding batman. Jeffery Wright is my new favourite actor, killing it as commissioner gordon in this, and stealing the show in the French Dispatch too.

This is the first movie in a long time that I'm actually considering going to see it in theatres a second time, and that's probably the only rating i need to give.


12/17/2021: It was sick

Yeah, it was pandering: the movie. But still, I grew up on Raimi's Spiderman. Like finding your old toys from you childhood, there's something awfully sweet about seeing those character brought to life again- however dark the arts implemented to summon them again to this world.

Regardless, it was a good character story, if a bit confused at times. It's no Into The Spiderverse, but it's decent, atleast for one watch.


12/15/2021: Spiderman(s)

Will I be seeing this new spiderman movie? Yes. Is it purely because they have brought back Alfred Molina's doctor octopus, in what feels like some kind of dark, twisted, unnatural witchcraft? Yes, absolutley.

However this spiderman movie is, in my opinion, a deadly admission by marvel studios that the current iteration of spiderman movies has no legs left to stand on. Instead of giving Tom Holland's spiderman some elbow space to fully define itself in this final movie in the current trilogy, they have to attach it to life support via pulling all these characters we already love out of the closet. Pandering on a scale yet unseen even in marvel movies.

Im still excited though. I mean, it's spiderman. It's gonna be sick.

8/31/2021: Movie Review: Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

Speaking of a neon genesis, the new and supposedly last evangelion movie is finally out.

For fans of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion, this is more than a disappointment. It's more than an insult even- it is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. It was upsetting to sit through.

'Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time' is about as incoherent as the title. The basic elements of the story seem completely undecipherable. Even if you had only seen the rest of the 'Rebuild' films leading up to this one, I have no idea how you would figure out what is happening in this story.

The first fortyish minutes are not particularly brilliant, but a nice change of pace for the series that actually seems to do something new and somewhat original with the storyline, putting the characters in a setting where they can have interesting growth. The next hour and fifty minutes is a parade of some of the worst CGI I have ever seen, brutal dialogue, and nonsensical exposition that can hardly even be understood. At least twenty minutes of this movie are the same low-quality 3D assets copied and pasted a hundred times in the same frame.

Any sense of subtlety or artistry from the original series has finally been eradicated in the final 'Rebuild' movie, and any interesting character development has been eroded. One of the most interesting characters in the original series, Asuka, is reduced to a disgusting fanfare caricature of the anime archetype she popularized, made into a crude object for teenage fans to drool at and spend ridiculous amounts of money on anime dolls.

The action sequences have absolutely zero sense of scale or weight that made the original Neon Genesis Evangelion feel so huge and magnificent. All the interesting visuals of the original have been swapped out for 3D crap. The soundtrack is barely noticeable.

This movie is a complete embarrassment to Hideaki Anno's legacy as a brilliant and innovative director, and it makes me sad.

Pathetic... 0/5

- Yours Truly ;)

8/28/2021: NEON GENESIS

It's raining heavy outside. Lightning climbs down from the heavens, and thunder shatters the pitter patter of waterdroplets. I will start a neon genesis.

The Year is 2021. The world is in chaos, corporations continue to pry their way into our lives, and we are reeling from a historic pandemic. To cope perhaps, I decided to upload some of my comics to cyberspace, which aim to envision an even darker and depressing reality.

I'm still working on updating the site and making it look nice, and I will probably post comics irregularly but check in every once in a while, if you dare...

- Yours Truly ;)